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What Is A Featured Employer?

Featured employers are the list of selected employers that appear on the homepage of your job board.

How To Monetize This Feature?

This feature will increase an employer’s visibility on your job board by displaying their company logo on the homepage. This extra reach will also be a marketing tool for employers wanting to increase their company’s brand recognition. Therefore, you can offer to feature an employer as a part of your upgraded packages or subscriptions.

To add this feature, you will need to enable the “Feature Employer” option while configuring your product and proceed with entering the number of days the employer will be featured for in the “Expires In” section. Upon purchase, the employer will be automatically added to the list of featured companies.

For subscription products, the expiration date will automatically extend every time the subscription renews.

How To Manually Feature Employers?

To manually feature employers, you need to navigate to the Employers section from your JBoard dashboard and click on the the employer you want to feature:

Once you’re in the editing mode, enable the “Featured” option, and you will be able to add an expiration date to the feature or leave it empty if you wish to keep it indefinitely.

As we mentioned, the featured employers will appear on the homepage. Only 5 featured employers will be displayed to make this block more compact. If you have featured more than 5 employers, the order will be automatically shuffled upon every visit to ensure all employers have an equal amount of reach. Visitors can toggle between employers using the left/right arrows.

Here’s an example of multiple visits to a job board with more than 5 featured employers:

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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