You can allow employers to post their first job for free by creating a coupon code that can be redeemed only once per employer. Here are step-by-step details on how to do it.

1. Open the Coupons Tool
Click on "E-Commerce" menu link and after choose the "Coupons" section.

2. Open the "Create a New Coupon" Form
Click on the "New Coupon" button to open the create new coupon form.

3. Enter the New Coupon Information
Now we can create a new coupon that will offer a one-time discount that is equal to the price of one job posting. To do it we need to fill out the following information

Enter the "Coupon code". This is the code that employers will need to enter on the payment step to claim the discount. You can pick any code here, in our example we picked the code FREE_FIRST_POSTING

Enter the "Discount Amount". Here you will need to enter the amount that is equal to one simple job posting price. In our example we entered $99, since one job posting price on our job board is $99.

Set "Max redemptions count per employer to 1". By entering 1 here, we are telling the system that the coupon can be used only once per employer.

4. Create the Coupon
Press on the "Create" button to create the coupon.

5. Share the New Coupon Code With Employers
Now you can share the new coupon code(eg. FREE_FIRST_POSTING) with the employers to whom you would like to offer a free job posting. Or if you would like to allow all employers to be able to post for free for the first time, you can include the coupon code in the product description.

How Employers Will Be Redeeming the Free Job Posting Coupon?
Employers can redeem the free job posting by entering the coupon code on the payment details step.

And once they click on "Redeem Coupon", the card details will disappear, and the posting will become free for them.

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