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What Are The Products & How Can I Use Them?

Products is a powerful tool that will allow you to easily monetize your job board by determining how much you want to charge employers for job posts or custom services. You can also use this tool to only offer free job posts. Here’s a list of the most common configurations you can set using the Products tool:

Allow Only Free Job Postings

If you choose to only offer free job postings on your job board. No payment details step will be visible to employers, and they will be able to benefit from the free post directly by clicking on the “Post A Job” button and proceed with filling out their company details and job details without having to enter any payment details:

Charge Employers Per Single Job Posting

Suppose you choose to charge employers per single job posting. You will need to configure only one product. The product will also not be seen as the system will directly embed it with the “Post A Job” button on your homepage. Once an employer clicks on the button, they need to enter their company details and job details, then proceed with paying for the job post.

Create Subscription Products

You can also offer employers subscription products, resulting in recurring charges at a pre-defined interval (daily/weekly/monthly). Once an employer purchases a subscription product, they will be charged at the end of each billing period, and their job post balance will be refilled.

Offer multiple packages

You can also create multiple products with different configurations. Giving employers the option to choose a package that fits their needs. Here’s a demo example of how multiple products are displayed:

Custom Services

In addition to the products mentioned above, you can also utilize the Products tool by offering custom services to employers in exchange for a payment. Here are two examples of custom services: prescreening candidates or writing branded content for employers on your job board’s blog.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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