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How To Allow Only Free Job Postings?

The following guide is for users who want to offer only free job postings on their job board.

Note: You will always have the option to change the setting and start offering paid job postings.

Step 1: Remove The Other Products

If you choose to only offer free job posts. You need to make sure that there are no other products.

Navigate to Monetization > Products & remove all products that are still available:

Step 2: Configure the Free Job Posting

To offer free job posts you will only need to create one free product which can be used by employers. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

From the Products section click on Add Product to create your free product:

In the Pricing Details section, set the Product Type to Free:

In the Job Posts Count field, you will need to enter 1. As it’s a free product, employers will always be able to repeatedly use it and post their jobs for free:

Step 3: Remove The Pricing Menu

Since you will only offer free job posts; if your job board has a pricing page in the header you can remove it to avoid confusion. Employers will be able to directly post their job for free by clicking on “Post A Job” on your homepage.

To remove the pricing menu, navigate to Appearance > Website Header and delete the Pricing page:

Step 4: Verify the Change

To double-check your configurations, click on the “Post A Job” button on your homepage. You should see only 2 steps; since you’re not taking payments for posted jobs, the payment step will not appear.

If an employer is posting for the first time, they will need to fill out their company’s details as a first step, and proceed with entering the job details:

After an employer has created or claimed their company’s profile, they will only need to enter the job details every time they want to post a new job:

If you wish to moderate all the free job posts before publishing, check out the following help guide: How to Moderate New Job Postings?

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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