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What Is a Pinned To Top Job?

What Is a Pinned Job?

Pinned jobs are the first jobs a visitor sees when visiting your job board. A pinned job will stay fixed at your homepage's top of the list. On average, a pinned job gets 4x more views as it tends to be more exclusive and visible.

How to Sell A Pinned Job Listing?

As mentioned above, a pinned job gets an average of 4x more views, which means it also gets an average of 4x more applicants. This extra reach and exclusivity will give you the opportunity to upsell by creating a special package that will automatically pin the jobs an employer posts after purchasing the package.

This package will be a good opportunity for employers who are interested in attracting more applicants by making their job posts stand out. Another reason why they might be interested in this package is branding; having their company name and logo appear in the first results will broaden their brand recognition across a network of qualified visitors.

You will be able to configure the package based on your preferences. All you have to do is enable the “Pin Jobs To The Top” option for the product and proceed on inserting the number of days you have offered to pin the jobs for:

How to Manually Set Pinned Jobs?

To manually pin jobs to the top, navigate to Jobs from your JBoard admin panel and click on the gear icon found beside the job you want to pin:

Once you’re in the editing mode, scroll down to the end and select the “Pin to the top” option, then proceed with adding the number of days you want to pin the job for:

How Does The Pinned Expiration Work?

The “Pin to Top Expires In Days” section counts the days based on the published date, for example:

If you published the job today and set “Pin to Top Expires In 30 Days”, the job will be pinned for 30 days.
If you published the job 15 days ago, and set “Pin to Top Expires In 30 Days” today, the job will be pinned for 15 days, as the expiration date is connected to the initial posting date.
If you published the job 40 days ago, and set “Pin to Top Expires In 30 Days” today, the job will not be pinned, as 30 days have already passed from the initial posting date.

Note: The expiration of the job itself overrides the expiration date of pinning the job.

Where Will The Pinned Post Appear On The Job Board?

The listed jobs on your job board are sorted by recency (new to old); the same applies to pinned jobs.

Here’s an example of 3 pinned jobs posted within 48 hours:

Yes, we have separated the “Featured” and the “Pin to top” options. Therefore, you can offer those two options separately or together while configuring your product.

If a job post only has the “Pin to top” option enabled, its color will be similar to a standard job post.

If a job has both “Featured” & “Pin to top” options enabled, it will be distinguished by a yellow highlight.

Here’s an example of 3 pinned jobs with the first one being featured as well:

You can use the “Mark As Featured” option to feature your pinned to top jobs. Check this article to read more about Featured Job Posts

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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