If you would like to review new job postings before they appear on the website, you can do it by setting the moderation policy from the Settings -> General Settings page.

Job Posting Moderation

Here you have 3 options for the "Job Posting Moderation" field

Automatically approve all job posts
When this option is picked, the newly posted jobs will be automatically approved and will appear on the website immediately.

Manually approve only free job posts
When this option is picked, only free posted jobs will require moderation but paid posted jobs will automatically appear on the website.

Manually approve all job posts
When this option is picked, all the new posted jobs will not appear on the website and will require approval from the job board administrator.

How to approve newly posted jobs?
Once a new job that requires approval is posted, it will appear on the job listing page with WAITING FOR APPROVAL status. You can approve the job by going into the job details page, change the status to *Confirmed and press save. After which the job will appear on the website.

Confirm job posting
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