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Why the Web Page Scraper Did Not Import Any Jobs?

If you configured your web scraper and after 24 hours you still do not see any jobs imported, there might be something wrong with the configuration of the scraper, or the provided job board is not supported by the scraper.

Here are the most common cases that you can check against to make sure there is nothing wrong with the configuration.

1. Is the provided URL supported by the web importer?

In order for web scraper to be able to scrape and import jobs from the provided job board URL, the provided job board needs to have JobPosting structured data inside job posting pages. If there is no JobPosting data, the scraper will not be able to detect and scrape jobs from the given URL.

Check out this article to learn from which job boards the web importer can import jobs.

2. Does the provided URL show the jobs list that you want to import?

Make sure that the provided URL is publicly accessible and shows the job list that you would like to import into your job board. Because the web scraper can only scrape jobs that are displayed on the provided page when it opens the "Job Listing URL" page.

So for example, if I want to import only Engineering jobs from the job board, I will need to filter the Engineering jobs first and only after copy/paste the URL of the page into the web scraper.

3. Are the imported jobs passing your job board validation?

Regardless if a job posting is being submitted from the website, being posted by the admin, or being automatically aggregated, the system always validates the job data to make sure it's correct before adding it to the job board.

In some cases, the jobs that you are trying to import might not pass the validation because of incorrect or missing data. In that case, the aggregator will log an error and will not add the job to your job board.

You can check if there are any validation errors with the importing jobs by opening the "View Aggregator Errors" tool.

In the above example, you can see that the jobs do not have a "description" and that's why can't be imported.

Contact Support

If you checked all the above cases and still your aggregator is not working, you can contact us at Our support can check the configuration for you and provide guidance if needed.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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