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From Which Job Boards the Web Page Scraper Can Import Jobs?

Web page scrapers can import job postings from any job board that has JobPosting structured data inside it.

JobPosting is the data that most job boards add into the HTML code, so search engine bots (including Google jobs bot) can identify that the page contains job information and is not a just plain HTML page. And web page jobs importer is also using the same data to get the job information from web page. Lucky for us most of the job boards have this data.

Examples of popular job boards that have the needed structured data and can be used by the scraper.

ATS Systems / Career pages

JBoard supports importing from career pages that are hosted on any of these applicant tracking systems

Cornerstone Ondemand
Dayforce HCM
Prism HR

Job Boards

Glassdoor Jobs
LinkedIn Jobs Jobs
AngelList Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs
Indeed Jobs

How to know if a job board has "JobPosting" data?

If you want to check if a job board has "JobPosting" data, you can easily do it by searching "JobPosting" text inside the page source of the job posting page.

Step 1: Open the page source

Open any of the job posting pages of the job board, right-click on the page and select the "Show page source" option

Step 2: Search for "JobPosting" text

Search for "JobPosting" text inside the web page, if you see "@type": "JobPosting" text, it means that the job board supports structured job data and you can import jobs from it into your job board.

Reminder: When putting the URL of the job board into web scraper settings for importing, you need to put the URL of the page that already is showing job listings and not the URL of an individual job posting page.

Updated on: 04/05/2024

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