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How to Show Featured Employers on Home Page?

To feature employers on the home page of your job board, first we need to select where on the home page we want to show featured employers. To do so we can go to Job Board Settings, then click on General > General Settings and select the location of featured employers block.

After updating the setting of the location of the featured employers block, we need to select which employers we want to feature on the home page.

To do so we need to go into the Employers section and open the details page of the employer that we want to feature.

Here we can set the employer as featured by checking the featured checkbox.

Once you check the featured checkbox, the system will suggest you also enter the Featured expires at date, you can leave it blank if you do not want the featured flag to expire.

After selecting a few employers as featured you can check out your home page and you will see the featured employers block.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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