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How to Change the Texts of My Job Board?

You can change all the texts of your job board by using the Website Texts tool. Any text that is visible to your visitors can be changed using this tool, including texts that are inside emails that JBoard sends.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change the texts of your job board.

1) Open the "Website Texts" tool

Click on the Appearance menu item and choose the Website Texts section.

2) Search for the text you would like to change

Once you open the tool, you will see the list of all texts that are used on your job board.

Let's for an example change the text of the "Post a Job" button that appears on the header of the website. To do so we can type "Post a Job" text inside the Search filters.

Once filtered, we will see the list of texts that contains "Post a Job" text, including the text of the button that we want to change.

3) Change the text

Now let's click on the edit icon and change the text to "Post a Job For Free". Once we changed the text, we need to click on the "Update" button, so our changes will be published on the website.

After the changing the text, if can open the job board website, we will see that the button text is updated.

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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