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How to Connect A Custom Domain?

Your job board will work by default under the subdomain name that you entered during the registration(eg., but in general, we recommend connecting your custom domain name to the job board to set your own branding. If you do not have your domain name yet, you can purchase it from

Many people use a subdomain like but you can also use

Now once you have your domain name ready, follow these steps to connect your custom domain.

Step 1: Go to your job board settings page

Log in to dashboard and navigate to Job Board Settings and click on General > General Settings

Step 2: Enter your custom domain

Enter your domain name into the 'Job Board Domain' field

Step 3: Update your domain's DNS settings

Now you need to point your domain to jBoard's server. To do this first you need to sign in to your domain registrar(domain registrar is the website where you bought your domain, for example GoDaddy, Hover, NameCheap, etc...).

Once you signed in, go to your domain's DNS settings page add the following to your DNS settings.
Type: A
Host(name): www
Points to(value):

where "www" is the subdomain of your domain (eg. subdomain of ""), and for example if you want your job board domain to be "" instead of "", your "Host(name)" value will be "jobs", instead of "www".

If you want to point also the to your job board, you will need to create one more record with the following value

Type: A
Host(name): @
Points to(value):

Important: If you already have an "A" record with the same hostname that you are adding, you will need to update the record instead of creating a new one.

For example, this is how it will look like for GoDaddy
Go to your domains list from the "My Products" section

Scroll down to "All Products and Services" section, where you will see the "DNS" link beside the domain

Update or create "A" records as described above

Step 4: Wait for change to to propagate, and then test it!

Domain changes can take from 15 minutes to 48 hours to populate depending on your provider. Eventually, once changes are propagated, you should see your job board under your domain name. If 48 hours passed and you still have an issue with your domain, reach out to us via the customer support chat on the right bottom corner, we will be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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