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How to Automatically Post Jobs to Social Media?

To automatically post your latest jobs to social media, you need to use an external workflow automation tool like Zapier. Tools like Zapier allow you to integrate your RSS feed and connect it to any social media platform like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and more. After finalizing the connection, anytime a new job is added to your RSS feed; it will be automatically posted on the social media account that you connected.

Where to Get Your RSS Feed?

To acquire an RSS feed for your job board, you can either use the default RSS feed we generate for all job boards or create a new feed with your preferred filters.

Default RSS Feed

By default, we generate an RSS feed for all job boards created with jBoard. This feed will include the latest 100 jobs on your job board, and is updated automatically everytime you auto-import or post new jobs. You can find this feed in the footer of you job board, or simply add “/rss/jobs” next to your domain. For example:

The second way to acquire an RSS feed for your job board is to create a new feed with your preferred filters. Using our Exportable Job Feeds tool in your Tools & Widgets, you can specify which job postings you want to include based on filters such as keywords, products, employers, or locations. This allows you to create a more targeted feed. Here’s an example:

PRO TIP: If you want to offer social media auto-posting for employers who have purchased a specific product, you can use the Products filter to create a feed that only contain jobs that have been posted using your selected product or products.

Once you configure and save your feed, click on the View Feed button underneath its format, and you will be redirected to the URL where the feed is hosted:

How to Integrate Your RSS Feed With Zapier?

Now that you have your RSS feed, copy the URL of the feed to your clipboard and follow the instructions below.

While we will use Twitter as an example, you can connect it to any other social media platform by following the same steps.

Step 1: Create an Account With Zapier

Head over to Zapier, and proceed with creating an account.

Step 2: Integrate Your Job Board’s RSS Feed

After creating an account, follow this link to find the RSS integration section on Zapier. Then click on Connect RSS to create a new Zap:

Step 3: Set The Trigger

In the first section, you need to set the trigger rules, select "New Items In Feed" as an Event and click Continue:

Now you need to paste the RSS feed URL you copied under Feed URL then select Different Guid/URL as a trigger for new items feed (No need to enter your username & password as the feed will be publicly accessible).

Then click on Continue > Test Trigger:

If the test is successful, click on Continue to set an action for the trigger.

Step 4: Connect Your Social Media

As a final step, you need to click on Actions to create a new action and select the App you want the action to trigger on. In our example, we will use Facebook Pages:

After choosing the App, you will be given the option to select from a set of events related to the app. In the case of Facebook, we will select “Create Page Post.”

Once you choose the event, proceed with connecting the social media account to Zapier.

In the “Action” section, you need to add the message fields you want your post to include. We have added “Title” & “Link” in our example.

You can also add a description, publication date and a media of your choice.

After filling out all the information, you need to click on Test Step to make sure everything is working properly.

By clicking on “Publish”, you will be able to publish the Zap, and it will start automatically posting every time a new job is detected in your RSS feed.

Here’s a preview of a demo social media post with Zapier:

Alternatives Automation Tools That Support RSS Integration:

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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