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How to Moderate Employers?

In this help guide, we’re going to walk you through the steps on configuring Employer Moderation

How to Enable Moderation for Employers?

To enable employer moderation, navigate to Job Board Settings then Employers > Moderation and enable the following field:

From this section, you can also customize the message employers will see when their account is awaiting moderation:

In addition to the above message, employers will receive an automated email notifying them of the moderation.

While awaiting approval, Employers will be able to purchase a product and create a job posting, and once their account is approved, the job will be published on the job board.

Note: If the product also includes access to the resume database, employers will not be able to view the contact details until their account is approved.

When approved: An email will be sent confirming their approval.

When rejected: Employers will receive an email notifying them of the rejection, and they will be restricted from purchasing products, creating jobs, etc.

Additionally, any job an employer has created or posted will be unpublished when their account is rejected.

How to Moderate Employers?

To moderate newly registered employers, navigate to the Employers section in your dashboard and click on the name of the employer you want to moderate

And update the confirmation status:

If you want to moderate multiple employers at once, you can select them and click on Actions in the top-right and update their confirmation status

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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