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What Events JBoard Sends to Google Analytics

In order to provide detailed reporting and valuable insights to job board administrators, we send the following events to Google Analytics (GA), if it has been added to the job board:

JBoard Events in Google Analytics

- job_view_link_click: This event is triggered when a user clicks on the link to view a job.
- job_view: This event occurs when a user views a job details page.
- job_apply_click: This event is sent when a user clicks on the 'Apply' button for a job.
- job_alerts_subscribed: This event is triggered after a user successfully subscribes to job alerts.
- professional_profile_registered: This event occurs after a job seeker successfully registers a professional profile.
- employer_registered: This event is sent after an employer successfully registers an account.
- employer_purchased_product: This event occurs after an employer successfully purchases a product.

Accessing JBoard Events in Google Analytics
To view these events, log in to your Google Analytics account, select your property, and go to 'Realtime' > 'Events'. For a historical view, go to 'Behavior' > 'Events'.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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