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How Job Views And Applies Are Calculated?

The following help guide will give you a better understanding of how different metrics are calculated when a visitor views a job post and/or applies for a job. Here are the 3 metrics we collect for each job published on your job board.

Views: Shows how many times the job details have been viewed.
Apply Clicks: Shows how many times the “Apply” button was clicked.
Applications: Shows how many applications the job received.

How Are Job Views Calculated?

When a visitor clicks on a job post link to view job details or opens the job from the email alert, we increment the total job views count by 1. After which the system will not count duplicate views by the same visitor within 24 hours. So if the same visitor views the same job again within the next 24 hours, the view count will not change. However, after 24 hours, if the same person views that job again, the system will add another 1 view to the total number of views. The same logic applies to the Apply Clicks metric.

How Are Apply Clicks Calculated?

Ideal for each job posting, we would like to show the number of applications that the job received. But if the employer chooses to receive their applications via a link to their website or via email, we can not know the number of applications that the employer gets since we do not have access to the employer's website or their email inbox. That's why we at least collect the number of times the Apply button was clicked.

When a visitor clicks on the Apply button, we will increment the total Apply Clicks count by 1. And similarly to the Views Count, the system will not count duplicated clicks from the same visitor within the next 24 hours.

We show apply clicks to employers, only when they selected "apply by email" or "apply by link" option for the job posting.

How Is Applications Count Calculated?

The Application Count metric shows the number of applications that the job received inside your job board.

This metric displayed to the employers only if they selected the job has the Apply directly by form option

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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