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How To Update the SEO Metadata Of My Job Board?

What Is SEO Metadata?

Your job board SEO Metadata is a way for you to tell search engines like Google what each page on your website is about. This will help you to have a bigger chance of ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) when people search for related topics. There are three main texts for each page:

SEO title: Also referred to as Meta title; it is the text that is displayed on search engine result pages, so it's important to keep them short and descriptive (Should be up to 60 characters). For example: If your job board is about cyber security, your SEO title should be Cyber Security Jobs for the /jobs page, instead of just All jobs. This way, your page will have a chance to rank for people who are searching for cyber security jobs.

SEO Description: Also referred to as meta description; this field is a bit longer, so you can use it to give the reader a better idea of what they can expect from your page (Should be up to 155-160 characters). For example: For the /jobs page, the SEO description can consist of a brief description of the jobs available on your job board, you will also be able to add some targeted keywords relevant to your job board in order to further optimize the search engine results.

H1 Text: This text should describe what the content is all about, it is the same as your page’s title and very important for SEO because they tell both search engines and website visitors what content to expect from that page. (Should be up to 20-65 characters). For example: If you have a Product Management job category, the H1 text for that page should be Product Management Jobs.

How To Update The Metadata Of Your Job Board?

Step 1: Navigate To The SEO Tools

To edit the metadata of your job board, from your dashboard, navigate to SEO Tools > SEO Titles & Descriptions:

Step 2: Choose The Page That You Want To Edit

You can now update the metadata of all the page types by clicking on them:

Step 3: Update The SEO Details

Once you click on the gear icon, you will be able to edit the following fields based on your preference:

H1 Text
SEO Title
SEO Description

Once you make the changes, click on the Update button. You can repeat the same process for all the page types.

How Long Will It Take For The Changes To Appear On Google?

It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for Google to index the changes you applied to your job board’s metadata. To speed up the indexing process, you can submit your job board’s sitemap to Google.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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