What Is a Sitemap?
An XML sitemap is a list of your website’s URLs that a browser can access when following links from page to page. The data in an XML sitemap allows search engines like Google to discover and index new content quickly and is often used for SEO purposes.

Where Can You See Your Sitemap?
At jBoard, sitemaps are automatically generated for your job board, saving you the time and effort to create them yourself using third-party softwares.

After you connect a custom domain to your job board, the sitemap.xml file will be accessible via your domain as well.

The default sitemap URL will be as follows: yoursitename.myjboard.io/sitemap.xml

How To Submit Your Sitemap To Google?
To submit your sitemap, you will need to head over to Google Search Console and navigate to your website's Search Console profile (or create a profile if you don’t have one).

Once in your profile, click on "Sitemaps" and select "Add a new sitemap" & proceed with pasting your sitemap.xml URL in the following field & click on Submit:

How Long Does It Take For Google To Crawl Your Website?
While submitting your sitemap will speed up this process, crawling can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You could always monitor the progress using Google’s Index Status Report or the URL Inspection tool.
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