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What Are Professional Profiles?

What Are Professional Profiles?

The professional profiles will allow you to create a list of candidates in your database. You can use it as a repository of professional profiles, or you can offer it as a resume database to your employers and charge for it.

In addition to manually adding candidates, all job seekers who visit your job board will be able to create a job seeker account and set up their professional profiles, and be automatically added to the database.

How To Monetize Professional Profiles?

When you have a large database of professional profiles, you can utilize it by offering it to employers for a price, and further monetize your job board. Many job boards choose to offer access to their database as a part of a product package, a recurring subscription, or for free.

To enable access to the professional profiles database, navigate to the configuration of the product you want to include it in, and simply enable the Access Professional Database field. You can also add the number of days you want to give access for the Access Expires In field:

From Where Can The Employer Access The Database?

When an employer purchases a product that includes access to the professional profiles database, they will be able to access the database by clicking on Professional Profiles in their dashboard:

Once in the database, employers will be able to search through the profiles, open profile pages, view contact information, and download resumes.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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