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How To Add A Cookie Banner?

This help guide will cover the importance of using cookie banners, in addition to the step-by-step process you should follow to add it to your job board.

A cookie consent banner is a notice that is displayed on websites upon the user's visit. It is used to inform the visitors of the use of cookies, and to request the user to grant permission to activate those cookies. Upon permission, the website will be able to track the visitor’s behavior on the website.

Why Is It Important?

For Instance, if you plan on targeting visitors from the EU you should be aware that there is a legislation in place that requires a marketer to receive explicit opt-in consent to track an individual’s actions online.

To add a cookie banner to your job board you will need to use an external widget. While there are many cookie banner widgets available, we have found CookieHub to be quite easy to use, and we will be using it in the following steps.

We will also add a list of alternative widgets at the end of the help guide.

Step 1: Create an Account

Navigate to CookieHub using this link. Click on Get Started and proceed with creating an account.

Step 2: Add Your Job Board’s Domain

Once you have created your account, you will be navigated to the dashboard. Click on the Add Domain button found on the top-right to add your domain.

Insert your job board’s custom domain here:

After adding your domain, scroll down to choose your preferred Regional settings & Policy framework, then click on Add Domain:

Step 3: Add Cookies That Your Job Board Is Using

After adding your domain, you will need to list all cookies that your job board is using with their descriptions. By default, jBoard creates the following cookies for your job board, but if you added external tools like Google Analytics to your job board, you need to list the cookies used by them as well.

To add your Cookie, simply click on Cookies > Add Cookie:

Once you click on Add Cookie, you will see a pop-up where you need to assign a Name for your cookie > Choose the Expiration of your cookie > Select the Secure Option > Enter cookie Description > Add Cookie

You need to repeat this step for each cookie, you can find the list of cookies with descriptions here.

Step 4: Customize Cookie Banner

After you list the cookie that your job board is using, you can proceed with customizing it by clicking on Customize found on the top-right of the dashboard:

In this section, you will be able to customize your cookie’s appearance, colors, theme, and actions. You can also customize the icon associated with your cookie to make it easier for your users to access it:

Step 5: Integrate to JBoard

Now that everything is configured, navigate to Implementation from the domain dashboard > Click On “Manually Insert Code”:

Now, you need to copy the script to your clipboard:

Once you have the script copied, head over to your JBoard dashboard and navigate to Job Board Settings then General > Custom Code, paste it under the <head> tag and click “Update”**:

You should be all set now, you can preview your job board to make sure that the integration was successful:

As we mentioned previously, if you would like to explore your options in using a cookie banner widget, here are some other alternatives to CookieHub:


Updated on: 05/02/2024

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