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How to Migrate to New Products and Subscriptions Feature

We mostly programmatically transferred all the orders and pricing configuration into the new Packages & Subscription feature, but there are a few text changes that we are not able to do automatically, and that's why we created this guide to help you learn more about the new update and configure new products.

1) Products and Subscriptions

When you open the "Monetization -> Products" section, you will see only one product. We automatically created the product based on the pricing configuration that you had. You can just click on the "Add Product" button to add more offerings.

The new Products and Subscription feature is replacing the old product add-ons feature, and the add-ons are be removed completely. If you still would like to offer them, you can create a new product for each of them.

2) Update Post A Job Page's Description

Post a job page's description is moved to its own section. You can still update the content by opening the "Appearance -> Post A Job Page" section.

3) New Pricing Page

We automatically generate a new pricing page, based on the products that you have added. Here is an example of a pricing page -

If you would like to add the new pricing page to your website, you can do it by adding the "/pricing" page into the website header, here

If you have a custom page with "/pricing" URL, you will need to remove it or rename the URL, so the system will show the default pricing page, instead of the pricing page that you have created.

4) Pricing Page Content

You can update the content of the pricing page from the "Pricing Page" tool, here

This is all; if you have any questions during the upgrade, reach out to us via the customer support chat on the right bottom corner and we will be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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